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Get a Sil Tattoo, Free Hot Dog a Day for Life

Yes, it's true. 

We are giving away complimentary hot dogs for life if you get a Silhouette Tattoo. Even got Drew Barrymore and Dennis Rodman talking about it. 

So what's the catch? No catch other than the tattoo art has to be relatable to The Silhouette - an ode to the cult that is The Sil. 

We'll know if you just come in draw the tattoo on the wall, and claim that you got it for us. You can't just get a tattoo holding a beer, needs to be the one from our sticker we put out. Needs to be the something we have created with your artistic spin on get the picture. Popcorn and a pink sqeezy bottle of butter? Yes, because who the hell else are you going to say that's about. You get the picture.  

If you have questions, just ask us, we will literally tell you if it counts or not. 


1) DO NOT put it somewhere that will cause you to be arrested for indecent exposure when you are showing us proof. 

2) As Drew Barrymore said it's pretty simple: one ink = 1 link a day for life. 

3) *Subject to availability*. Sometimes, we sell our weight in hot dogs a night and sell out. Sometimes there's a supply chain issue. Do not get mad at us. We'll get you on your next visit to make up for it. 

4) Temporary tattoos do not count, we want the real deal.

Share a pic of your new art and tag us on social. We'll add your tattoo to our gallery.

Can't wait to see what creative art our guests will get next!